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Improving your quality of life is our goal at Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics. We strive to make each patient feel welcome, informed, and supported through their orthodontic journey. By pairing our state-of-the-art technology with our exceptional services, we provide the most advanced options to straighten your teeth into the most aesthetic and functional smile for life.

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At Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, we use cutting-edge treatment options to create the beautiful smile you deserve. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Our team of orthodontists will work with you to find the best treatment that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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We’re Number One
As Indiana’s leading Invisalign provider, we’re the experts in shaping your smile without using metal braces. Learn more about how we can shape your smile with aligners and without using traditional metal braces.

So Many Options
Straighten your teeth for the smile you’ve always wanted with the latest metal and ceramic braces. See how classic metal or ceramic braces can straighten your teeth for the smile you’ve always wanted.

Plan Early
Early evaluations are key in timing your child’s orthodontic treatment and watching growth patterns. Find out when to schedule your child’s first visit and learn about the benefits of an early evaluation.


Over 650 5-Star Reviews

  • Troy P. Avatar
    Troy P.

    Very informative and great people. They work very hard at helping work within your budget constraints when coming up with a payment plan that's good for both parties. - 2 years ago

    Amanda F. Avatar
    Amanda F.

    Our daughter started Invisalign today and we couldn’t be happier! Professional and caring- wonderful experience! - 2 years ago

    Robyn S. Avatar
    Robyn S.

    I just want to add a shout out to our Tech Laura! She has gone above and beyond! She makes my son and I feel so special! Thank you so much Laura, for your kindness, your caring personality and your knowledge! - 1 year ago

  • Jara C. Avatar
    Jara C.

    Friendly and welcoming staff! They took time to explain the process and reasoning for their treatment plan. - 1 year ago

    Gabrielle M. Avatar
    Gabrielle M.

    Highly recommend Gorman and Bunch Orthodontics. Thank you Jayce and Atalie for being kind and helpful. 10/10💖 - 6 months ago

    Patrick M. Avatar
    Patrick M.

    I just started my first week with the Invisalign. The staff has been extremely friendly and helpful through every step. Dr Carly’s initial evaluation of my case was extremely thorough and the options were explained in detail to help make an informed decision. They’ve certainly exceeded my expectation and from the looks of it, they do a great job with their younger patients as well! - 3 years ago

  • Saria W. Avatar
    Saria W.

    Office staff were very friendly and welcoming. Took time to explain in detail the steps of treatment to my son in terms he could understand. - 1 year ago

    Bobbie S. Avatar
    Bobbie S.

    Our experience with Gorman and Bunch has been nothing but positive. The staff demonstrate care and compassion when working with my young child. The specialist have been intimately involved at every step of the process. We have been so pleased with both the medical treatment and our treatment as patients. - 2 years ago

    Donia Shackelford Avatar
    Donia Shackelford

    We were very pleased with the staff and services at Gorman & Bunch. From the beginning, they were very friendly and made us feel comfortable with our first ortho visit. Dr. Carly was very nice and attentive. We ended up with braces for my son on the first visit and they were quick and thorough and made our experience very positive. Definitely would recommend them! They are awesome! - 4 years ago

  • Andy Tebbe Avatar
    Andy Tebbe

    Heather and Dr Carly were awesome! Friendly, informative, and professional. Office was very inviting. We had a great appointment and look forward to the next couple of years of working with them. - 5 years ago

    Josh C. Avatar
    Josh C.

    They did a great job. I’m extremely happy with how my teeth ended up looking. Crystal was great to work with. She was gentle and caring when working on my teeth - 4 weeks ago

    Matthew P. Avatar
    Matthew P.

    Incredibly helpful staff! Free consultations, one bill covered all the expenses including follow up visits, and the option to make payments is great. Charity answered all my questions and even helped me identify questions I didn’t know to ask. Thank you!!! - 2 years ago

  • Sara J. Avatar
    Sara J.

    I love this place ! Such high energy from everyone. Everyone is super sweet . - 2 years ago

    Tinaeah L. Avatar
    Tinaeah L.

    Everyone was kind and helpful. My son mostly enjoyed the "friendly" football banter he had with his tech she is a Steelers fan and he was having green and yellow bands put on for the actual best team, THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! It was a fun experience for him. - 1 year ago

    Sharon H. Avatar
    Sharon H.

    This was my first visit/appointment with Gorman & Bunch. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They were really concerned of my situation and explained details in a way that was understandable too me. Thanks for the great job and I highly recommend them. - 2 years ago

  • Jen D. Avatar
    Jen D.

    The team at Gorman and Bunch Orthodontics in Fishers was fantastic. They took the time to explain everything to us (myself as the parent and my daughter as the curious 7 year old who is incredibly excited to be getting started on her braces journey!), they were very kind, and they had little personal touches like welcoming my daughter by name in their lobby sign for her first visit. I will definitely recommend Gorman and... read more - 2 years ago

    Judy W. Avatar
    Judy W.

    Gorman & Bunch offers great care to their patients! My daughter and I highly recommend them for all of your orthodontic needs! - 2 years ago

    Andrea P. Avatar
    Andrea P.

    My 9yo had an expander and lip bumper placed by the kind and gentle staff. The office is very welcoming. Scheduling appointments has been a breeze and they are very accommodating (not over booked like some offices). Very thankful for our wonderful experience so far. - 1 year ago

  • Isabella (. Avatar
    Isabella (.

    I love Gorman & Bunch so much. I have been going to them for about 2 years now and the people there are super friendly. At my old orthodontist I would end up with a cut in my gums after an appointment. Gorman & Bunch are very careful and makes a connection with their patient. This is coming from a 14 year old who used to hate going to the orthodontist.

    I highly recommend them. 😘😘😘
    - 2 years ago

    D A. Avatar
    D A.

    Very pleased with my results. The doctors & staff are great. Terrific experience all around. - 2 years ago

    shrishtee b. Avatar
    shrishtee b.

    I really recommend this place because everyone here is super friendly and welcomes you with a big smile every time. My orthodontist's name is Tara and she is the most welcoming person I have ever met. She makes the environment feel like home. She becomes your friend and talks to you so that you don't feel awkward or shy. Her kids are the most adorable babies I have seen. Every time I walk in, she... read more - 3 years ago

  • Gail T. Avatar
    Gail T.

    After a few months of treatment, it is no surprise to me that this practice is a thriving success. Dr. Bunch understands the dynamics of teeth and seems to have impeccable standards for getting a desired result. I made the awful mistake previously of trusting orthodontic needs to "cosmetic dentistry" but learned that an orthodontist is by far the best option! Dr. Bunch has a great team of people, including Crystal and Dawn who are... read more - 2 years ago

    Casey c. Avatar
    Casey c.

    Dr Carly and staff we super accommodating to our ortho needs, and timely scheduling. The office environment is welcoming and pleasant, and feels like going to visit a friend. The diligence was high importance by the staff. - 1 year ago

    Kaela B. Avatar
    Kaela B.

    This office is so friendly and upbeat! The atmosphere is better than any I’ve experienced in a long time. I am so glad I chose this team! I actually had the chance to experience both Invisalign and traditional brackets during my time at Gorman & Bunch, and I was blown away at the advanced technology and skill of the team here that made my journey of braces painless! I would highly recommend Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics! - 2 years ago

  • Lilly P. Avatar
    Lilly P.

    I really appreciate the work that the orthodontists did. My smile improved significantly, and I’m satisfied with how the whole process worked out! - 3 years ago

    Jody C. Avatar
    Jody C.

    I’m a gal in her mid-50’s, nearing the end of her Invisalign treatment. I had traditional braces when I was young and much like many people my age, my teeth had shifted and my bite was off. Like me, my teeth had aged. Entering a new chapter of my life, I was eager for my smile to truly reflect the happiness of my new beginning. Since finding I was a good candidate after a consultation... read more - 2 years ago

    Jessica H. Avatar
    Jessica H.

    We have had an amazing experience at Gorman and Bunch! My daughter actually enjoys going to her orthodontist appointments! - 2 years ago

  • Carma S. Avatar
    Carma S.

    My son was very nervous to come in today. Everyone was so nice, and calmed all his fears. Thank you!!! - 1 year ago

    Linda M. Avatar
    Linda M.

    We took our 9 year old granddaughter to Gorman & Bunch, since our dentist had suggested that she see an orthodontist. Both of our grandsons had used Gorman & Bunch for their braces. Since we was so happy with their results as well as the great service & professionalism, we was thrilled that we received the same courteous, caring service. We will be taking our 8 year old granddaughter for her evaluation in February.... read more - 2 years ago

    Cierra H. Avatar
    Cierra H.

    Very Friendly environment! I was a patient here when I was younger and now my daughter is! We love Dr.Gorman and his staff! Thanks for all you do! - 9 months ago

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